Updated June 1st, 2023
The website pages below may or may not appear in the order discussed because they may be moved to add clarity or change seasonal importance.  In addition, certain pages are considered seasonal and may not appear at all times during the year.
There are 7 sub-headings across the top of this web site:
1.  Home
2.  About*
3.  Programs*
4.  Resources*
5.  News*
6.  Contact
7.  Login*
* This symbol indicates it is a drop-down menu with additional options.  Which means that by clicking on the tab, these additional options will appear for the user to select.
Under the "About" menu, the options are:
  • Announcements - This section contains important announcements of interest to District members.
  • Auxiliary - This is a description of the VFW District 7, Alabama Auxiliary.
  • District Posts - This page lists all the posts under the District with hyperlinks to their webpage, Facebook page, and Instagram along with contact information for each post.
  • Donations - Here is a description of how to donate to the VFW and offers a way to donate using a credit card.
  • FAQs - Frequently asked questions and answers.
  • Gallery - Many pictures of happenings in and around the District.
  • Membership - This is how to become a member of the VFW and what membership offers to you.
  • Mission - This is both the National VFW and District 7 Mission Statements.
  • Officers - This section contains photos and biographies of District 7 officers.
  • Our Local Veteran Allies - This section is dedicated to our Veteran support allies.
  • Sponsorship - Sponsorship is a special category of donor that entails a great deal of advertising on our web site and the ability to edit your own web page on our website.  There is an ability to use a credit card to become a sponsor.
  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Service - This is a statement of the VFW District 7 policy for protecting your personal information and data.
 Under the "Programs" menu, the options are:
  • Buddy Poppy - The VFW Buddy Poppy program provides compensation to the Veterans who assemble the poppies, provides financial assistance in maintaining local, state, and national Veterans' rehabilitation and service programs.
  • District Recognized Veterans Events - This page lists all the Veteran related events recognized within our District.
  • Community Service - Reaching out into our communities is vital to our organization.
  • POW/MIA - This page describes the VFW position that we will never forget the Prisoners of War and the Missing in Action.
  • Programs - This page lists and describes all the VFW programs.
  • Safety - This page describes the Safety and Recognition programs of the VFW.
  • TAPS - This page is to honor our American military Veterans and Post Auxiliary members who have gone on before us.
  • Veterans Memorials within the District - This page lists the Veterans Memorials and Military related Memorials and their locations within District 7.
  • Veterans Outreach - This page provides information regarding Veteran's Crisis Hotline.
  • Veteran's Service Officer - This page provides a description and contact numbers for the Veteran's Service Officers.
 Under the "Resources" menu, the options are: 
  • Resources - This page lists the resources that are available for Veterans.
  • Talking Points - If you are talking with potential members this section provides you with information you might use to convince the potential member to join.
  • Update Details - This page provides you with email ability to update the information we have on file for you, such as email address, address, phone number, etc.
  • Veteran's Benefits and Assistance - This area provides a listing of Veteran's benefits and assistance programs.
  • Veteran's Discounts - A listing of Veteran's discounts that are available to the general community.
  • Veteran's Relief - District-wide Veteran's Relief is a joint effort of VFW, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and other Veteran Service Organizations.  This area provides a listing of contacts and available resources.
 Under the "News" menu, the options are:
  • Podcast - The weekly/monthly National VFW podcasts is shown here.
  • Calendar - This page shows the calendars for present month and future months of Post, District, State and National.
  • District On-line Store - This page is the store where you can buy VFW and other merchandise.  Check this often as the items for sale change often.
  • Facebook - This is a link to the District 7 Facebook Page.
  • Instagram - This is a link to the District 7 Instagram Page.
  • News - This page shows National and District 7 news items.
  • Recent Event News - This page talks about an event that just occurred.  This includes a description and photos of the event.
  • Suggestion Box - This page provides you the opportunity to provide suggestions to VFW District 7, regarding the District website or suggestions in general.
  • Thank You Sponsors and Donors - This is a listing of all those companies and individuals that have contributed to the success of VFW District 7.
  • VFW Action Corps - This page describes the VFW Action Corps grassroots effort.  This effort is a way that anyone interested in helping the VFW can help the VFW achieve its goals.
  • #Still Serving - This page allows access to the National VFW #Still Serving page.  #Still Serving shares stories of VFW Veteran's and how they help their posts.
 Under the "Login" menu, the options are: 
  • WebMail - Post Officers are the normal users of Webmail
  • Members Only - This section contains information that is of some importance to all members and that contain financial or confidential information.  At the login section enter your VFW membership number as printed on your membership card as the username, Your password is your last name with only the first letter of your last name capitalized, all other letters are lower case, no spaces or hyphens, or other special characters.
  • Site Admin - There are currently two site admins and only they have access to this portion of the website.